General and special advice on the use of colour concentrates

This advice is intended to make the selection from our BATCHBOX of a matching colour concentrate for your application as simple as possible. It is strongly recommended to verify the colour on your product with a sample. The colour shades of the sample chips only provide a first idea and are not true-colour. We will gladly supply you with samples which you should test under your relevant conditions and with the appropriate process parameters.
The colour concentrates on the basis of our universal Kilips colour masterbatch are compatible with all thermoplastics. It must be noted, however, that the colourants contained may not be used likewise in all plastics. The universal Kilips batches are all physiologically safe and contain no heavy metals (such as cadmium, lead, mercury or chrome(VI) pigments).* There are exceptions in the PE colours, which are, however, also REACH and RoHS compliant. Please observe the application instructions on the respective product description.



The required dosage always depends on the raw material used, the wall thickness of the end product as well as parameters of process engineering and other factors. The following listing should therefore be regarded as a recommendation:
PE, PP, PS, PC, PMMA    approx. 0.5-2.0%
PA, SB, POM, PBT           approx. 1.0-2.5%
ABS, ASA, TPE, TPU        approx. 2.0-3.5%
PVC-U, PVC-P                  approx. 2.0-3.5%

The colour chips are coloured using transparent polystyrene or polypropylene.
Colour variations may be caused by:
–    colouring of the raw material used
–    variations in dosage
–    individual process parameters
–    light source and colour measuring system
–    surface texture
Our consultants working in the field and our colourists will gladly advise you in a personal consultation.


Explanatory notes on the application advice

The notes in the product descriptions indicate the general suitability for a polymer. The specified values only refer to the colour concentrates used in crystal clear polystyrene. Further information regarding colour fastness and stability in the individual polymers can be obtained from our technical data sheets and safety data sheets available on our website



In general, a universal Kilips colour masterbatch must not be dried. Should it become necessary, for example, because the batch must be dried together with the plastic, we recommend drying of approx. 2 hours at 60 °C.
Please note: Higher temperatures may cause the batch to melt and to thus bond.



Durabilities are listed in the general/product test certificate (between 12 and 48 months, depending on the colour shade).



* Proof of physiological safety and compliance with the various standards and regulations is based on upstream supplier information and reflects our current state of knowledge. (September 2016)


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